My feet deep in a sandy way
It was on a beach I met P.J
Thought he died on a winter's day

He sat between the salty dunes
And stared through me his eyes like moons
I didn't know what I should say
To heaven

He grabbed me by the shoulder skin
And asked, "Is this the end? Or the beginning?"
I shouted at the cloud array

Then he hugged me like he would
Held my soul right where he stood

Said he sailed by the golden masts
Fought the tide and had to rest
Couldn't say how long he stayed
Until he walked into the waves
Saying, "Light a candle wind can shake
Let it take you to a place
Where nothing's all the time"

I stared beyond the castle's sand
And tears fell on the barbican
And ran off with my good friend's plans
To never