Gray gray, so old
Dark, dark, so cold
The day is coming and I'm alone
Warm warm, my chest is warm
Calm cal, my dear so calm
You will never be afraid again

Weep weep, always
Keep keep, always
And we go down into the black

When the seven sunken sirens call
The winter's just begun
When the seven sunken sirens call
They will take you with open arms
The january sea will roll
Black like sin and blood
And at sunrise you will meet the waves, given to the sea

We're all downing in the january sea
Some in their dream homes, and some somewhere at sea
We're all drifting in the january sea
Gasping for air
And finding it hard to breathe

We're shining like diamonds in the dark

Light light slippin'
Night night drippin'
I'm like a boat swallowed by the sea
Shine shine shine you
Sink sink slowly
Into the nothing
Into the dream