I wake up in my bed
Morning has come
I greet the rising sun
I wonder what I've done
So weary from the night
Bereaved of my sleep
Scratched my fingertips
Blood on my lips

Two evil eyes, my mind is captured
I'm hypnotized again
Oh I don't know what you're after
Hypnotized again
I'm floating away into illusion
Hypnotized again
I just wanna sleep, instead confusion
Hypnotized again

I wake up screaming now
In tears and despair
Is this present time
Did I just die
I don't know who I am
What's happening to me?
Did I open up your crate?
Did we waltz around you grave?

My bones are very tired
I try to stay awake
But someone's watching me
Wait for me to sleep
My head is dazed and gone
My body can't resist
Mesmerized I'll be
But I smile and I feel free

I wander about from night to morning
Hypnotized again
Thrown to the dark without a warning
Hypnotized again
Into the land beyond the conscious
Hypnotized again
There's love after death as you promised
Hypnotized again