Fly out of your cage
Leave eighteen years of pain behind
And feel the wind under your wings
Victim of life, you're free now
Breathe the clean air - sweet smell of death
Sundown is here - Another one rises

Pain, sweet pain
You're too much for me
Pain, sweet pain
You'll set me free

Nothing is to stay
You wander on
You couldn't wait
Please wait for me

I ask the stars:
Where have you gone?
What's in the next world?
Will we ever meet again?

Like a bird flying to the moon
You never reached it - Your hunger was your doom
Doomed to live or forced to die
In this cage you were entrapped
What did you see when your dreams held you wake?
What did you say to the ghosts in your head?

You drowned in your own blood and tears
Once you have jumped there is no way back

All these illusions, trying to make it right
But it feels wrong, wrong to say goodbye
My beloved stranger - Nobody knew what happened
I hope you can tell me later
I don't mourn your death - I just don't know why
You were always close but still so far away