I've been there before 
I've been where you are 
Blinded by the tears in my eyes 
You see no way out of your fears and your frustration 
You find yourself believing the lies 

You've got a friend 
Who won't give up on you 
And I know 
You're gonna make it through 

Beyond the clouds 
The sun is shining 
Beyond the storm 
The sky is blue 
Beyond the rain 
Hope is waiting 
I'll be there for you 
I'll be there for you 

When you're left alone 
Don't know where to go 
And nothing is the way that you've planned 
Oh, you want some proof 
That there'll be a happy ending 
Something you can hold in your hands 

I understand 
The pain is in your eyes 
But just hold on 
It's gonna be alright 

You were never meant to do this alone 
Then I'm by your side when you feel alone 
Beyond the clouds