Unnoticed, I slip outside
Tiptoe through the corridors,
close to the walls
Cross over reluctantly, cast another glance
Outside the streets await a guest
all too familiar

On the corner, in the alley
Tidal waves of stimuli bringing
every nerve to life
Walking on a ledge
Nine lives on the razor's edge
Shadowmancer, play the light
Companions for another night

Don't I look trustworthy to you
when my weapons are retracted?
Please stay clear of my boundaries. So unwise to corner me
A simple lesson learnt and you keep your eyes to see

I am of kings and queens, predator with eyes of green
Meet the eye with elegance, turn my back in arrogance
Raise my head with endless pride, still I'm not too proud to hide
Egyptian demigod
Cruel and kind
Creature of the night

I've earned my place in history but superstition followed me
Call me vampire, witch's friend.
It won't kill me, and I'll be right here till I fade