Through blue wine 
A thousand days to wither 
Tricked by time, we never rest 
Promise me that we’ll escape together 
Thick as thieves in the dead of night 

Choose your battles wisely 
Pick a fight if all else fails 
Trust your instincts, strive to prevail 
This blackout is the break that we need 
And I will follow to whatever end 

Moving in stealthy silence 
Muted in our secrecy 
Lag behind and we might miss 
Our window of opportunity 

Dogs and floodlight 
We’ve been made 
Stop right there! 

Hide now or make a run for your freedom 
Yeild? No. I’ll fight until the end 
And when it ends I want you gone 

Tried –not hard enough- to save your skin 
It’s way to much to hide within 
You sold your hide to force a truce 
I think It’s time to start anew