Push off it's time to set sail into the east
You've been stagnant for a long long time it seems
Paper trails that you have left along the way
Cry out for something more than where you've been
Underneath the moon and stars
The light it leads your way
To leave these darkened nights behind
Into the sunrise burning bright

Now there's an angel on my shoulder telling me
Forget, forgive, let live and live
Let be, what will and what the hell?
And there's the devil on my back just saying what's the 

I don't know what I'm doing here
I never saw this coming
I do believe the end is near
You can take or leave it
I didn't plan on anything
I figured I was dreaming
Another dose of my own pill
You can take or leave it

Take it or leave it is all I hear you say
Just give me a chance here to explain
To beg forgiveness I don't so well
But please release me from this hell
Cuz it gets so cold at night
I can't remember the last time I've slept so right
Breaking out in sweats I drown
I gasp for air but choke somehow

No more words
No more blame
Actions louder than you think
No more lies
Or sympathy
Trust in something set it free
No more loss
No more Pain
Believe in something once again
Believe in something once again.