There's a place that's been reaching with fists in the air
In the deep aspirations growing much more sincere
Strength fills our words while the sweat fills the floor
We're reaching out for something and searching for so much more

Is there nothing at all left to see?
Is there nothing at all left to be?
It's been one hell of a ride
And I can see in your face still

There's no other place that I'd rather be
Than right where I'm standing with you here beside me
Yeah there's no other time that I'd rather know
Than here in this moment just watching it all explode

Right here and now
This is the time
No I can't hear you

Love and loss that part of life you don't forget
Expect the worst and always praying for the best
You hold to something to watch it all slip away
It's here in this moment that there's nothing left to save

What's been done is done and yet I can see the light
It's what goes in as we continue to fight
What's gone so wrong a what is this all for?
To live a life that is worth dying for

No other time and place that time is here and now
No other way around it this is going down
Let me hear you.