In a home of marble and stone I pray
my soul shall never need to roam...
And I'm chasing shadows,
I am chasing shadows in the dark

I hear death calling me now...
must stop it from coming somehow!
Has my mind gone out of control?
Call the priest - he must save my soul!

All my life I have tried
to always do what's right
All these tears through the years -
I fear being buried alive!

I can hear the dirt hitting the lid
I push and strain, but it just won't give
I scream for help, but they just don't hear
Oh, my God - I'm chocking on fear!

Premature burial...
Trapped in black!

Through I'm made of flesh and bone
I know that my soul won't be left alone
And now all my fears are calling,
they won't leave my mind alone!

Born into this life alone
What place will be my spirit's final home
Now I hear the darkness calling
They won't leave my mind alone!

Do you hear my cries?
In the grave where I now lie
On this day I know I'll die
Don't wanna be buried alive

Can you hear my cries?
In the grave where I now lie
Now I'm doomed to die...
And here I am buried alive!

Trapped in black!