Preparing the war,
Martel is now massing again
Training the young
who now are prepared to be men
Learning the ways of battle rage
on through the night
They're willing to die for their country
against Muslim might!

Born to this life of battle
Nothing else can matter
He is the chosen one now
All shall feel his power!

The Hammer is falling again!
The Hammer keeps falling!

Appearing before them
the enemy did not expect
To beat down the Muslims
until they have breathed their last breath!

Battling on,
Martel sends his troops behind lines
To plunder the treasure
the enemies had left behind

Crimson skies above them
Crashing hooves below them
Fifty thousand heathens
Martel prepares to cleave them!

In times of trial
he was unmatched in ways of war
Invading forces were soon pushed back
pushed back to their shores...
In tales they called him "The Hammer" Martel
All the enemies who stood before him fell...
all before him soon fell.. to HELL!

Sensing defeat the enemies turn tail and run
The Hammer's tactics of genius
the reason he'd won
Outnumbered his army stood ground
and they did soon prevail
And all throughout history
we will now speak of this tale!