You're running for your life
I'm creeping with a knife
You know you've ripped my life to shreds!
I'm gonna make you pay
It just might be today
I know your heart is filled with dread!

I know your whole routine now
I've stalked you for so long now
My blade is sharp and steely
I'll carve away these feelings...

Nothing can save you now
No once can show you how
I'll slice your silky flesh to strips!
I wear this mask of vengeance
Death now shall be your sentence
Unfaithful games now take their toll!

I'll see your on your knees soon
I'l sneak into your dark room
Soon you will beg for mercy
But my steel is so thirsty

Revenge... Revenge... REVENGE! Yeah!
Steel vengeance!
(Come taste the blade now!)

Your secret life has ended
My honor now defended
I'm one you should not double cross!
And as you lay before me
While pools of blood are forming
Will God now save your cheating soul?

I stand here with no remorse
My plan has taken its course
No voices in my head now
I've kept my sacred vow