Forged in fire the sound
it has become legend
Raise your fists to the armies of iron might
See them march on
in armor of blackened leather
Now they carry weapons of metal fight

The sonic assault has begun
The hall is starting to burst
The battleground is the stage
Metal soldiers prepare t quench thirst

The sound was carved "In Rock"
and carried in an airship
Heavy with Led some said
it would never take flight
A storm of thunder and rain crashed
through chiming church bells
After the doom
a great Rainbow rose into sight

The sonic assault has begun
The hall were starting to burst
We knew it would not fade away
Rock & Roll soldiers stalk the earth

Sands of time... Sands of time...

Electric axes wail on
Drums of thunder are pounding their doom
Bass guitars are rumbling down
Metal screams wake dead from their tombs

The '80s came
and the sounds they grew even louder
We hailed the new wave of steel
intense British might
Inspired the States joined the battle
and brandished our weapons
We attacked on at Helm's Deep
we still fight for the right!