Sons of God we have been watching
Over His children and jealous we grow
We descend not to partake of beauty
We shall soon know of the women of earth

Cursed we are
For our sins now
Creators of the Nephilim

Fallen Ones
Who desired flesh - our lust awakened!

Two hundred strong
We now descend
We shall create our children

Fallen Ones
who fathered beasts - the Giants of Canaan!

In the days of Jared we had sworn an oath
To bind us together in unholy deeds
Seduced by the beauty of pure mortal flesh
Wicked creations sprung
forth from our needs

Now we face the God's fury as
He sends the earth a cleansing
The Greatest Flood, a tool to
wash away betrayal
Jealousy and lust have caused
two hundred to defy Him
Disgraced by hate and shame
we know bow before Him!

WAKE UP! My children awaken
For you know not what you do...
and my love you have forsaken
Don't you realize how it hurts me inside?
As your loving Father and Creator...
It rips out my heart... rips out my heart