Is this place that I'm in still my home?
If it is why do I feel alone?
Am I dreaming or am I awake?
A legacy of fear I must escape

Is this another page set to be burned?
Where is the lesson
that we should have learned?
Where is the hope, the honor and light?
Where is the truth - is it worth it to fight?

In the shadows they crawl...
Long forgotten and twisting their skins
Within the broken halls...
No words are spoken - the madness begins!

Broken voices and shattering light
Losing strength as the chants fill the night
As the fate of it all turns to black
I push on for there's no turning back

Say goodbye to the land I once knew
And precious blood
that was spilled here for you
Prisoner of a once perfect world
No live or hate as the new flag unfurls...

As the madness begins in the night
Fighting on as the truth fades from sight
While their voices are cursing the light
I still fight foe what's right!

Raise your voices so they may be heard
Take control if the lesson is leaned
Poison logic infecting us all
Prepare now for society's fall
Insanity has now become sane
All that was right has now gone up in flames
Total loss what we earned in might
Let's take it back...
let's all stand up and let's FIGHT!