With honor and tempered steel
I kneel before him now
Guard to my Emperor
my creed a sacred vow
Riding, charging, fighting, dying...

I fight for his life
For him I would die
To glory we ride
Steely samurai

Protecting the throne
This life is my own
For him I will give
So that he may live

I look to the ones who came before me now
Pass on your wisdom
and your strength to allow...

If it should come to pass that I must fail
I'll sacrifice my life to honor my name...

Without honor my life is meaningless
My spirit will live on beyond mortal flesh...

Fighting and dying is all
that seems to matter now
WIth honor and courage
I bow before my Emperor

Heeding my orders to the letter of my master
Born into battle, I'll take my own life if I fail

I sense impending doo,
upon the battlefield
Sacred katana sword sings death as I weild
Chopping, slicing, stabbing, KILLING!

Pride burns deep within me as I now prepare
I feel my blade touch flesh,
but I am not scared

I look into the sky now as I bleed...
Disgrace will have no part of me
I grip the handle of my blade
To my ancestral line I pray...