Driven by fear
Driven by hate
Forged in the fires that kill

Grinding our teeth
As we smash through the waste
Rending of iron and will

Black winds calling
Sons of war
No redemption
Death to saviors

Begging for mercy
with blood on their shields
The hope for a victory fades
Trapped under bodies that rot in the fields
Suffering the oath that they gave

As we written by the hand of the destroyer
Born of ice
the sacred runes of the deliverer

Black winds calling
Sons of war
No redemption
No repentance

Gives us strength
our ancient fathers of the North
Death in glory as we hold the fate of winters

Living for death
Life has no freedom
As enemies gather their will
Save your last breath
Son in time you will know
The strength that it takes you to kill

As was told in songs by
prophets long for forgotten
souls of the deliverers

Crushed to submission your armies fall back
Driven by fear to the sea
Paralyzed by the relentless attack
Those who would fight shall be free