Watching the planet fall into a million pieces 
can make your mind so numb, 
And no one even seems to blink. 
All the people running scared, 
turmoil and oppression will bring yourself to tears. 
It’s a fear that no one likes to face.

No time left to stop and repent

Can't stop the burning of flesh 
once the fire has been lit
We've been pissing gasoline

On the world for so long

One spark and were all gone

I'm ready to watch the world burn

So wake up, wake up and watch the fall. 
Till our own greed consumes us all. 
Were all to blame so don’t you choke on your last breath. 
How I dreamed of a beautiful demise, 
no sympathy for these peoples cries. 
The human race is laid to waste. 
There’s no time left to say your last good byes.