Living underground with a vent above my head
Sewage leaks down with a taste of ignorance
People walk by you're invisible to their eyes
No one even cares
Someone once told me that I would be happy
Some day, some time, some place in my mind
But school was wrong once again it'll always be
Look what it got me, look what it got me

There's a corporate mothafucka with a P.O. box
And a homeless man with his dirty gray socks
This great young man got The red white and blue
Just because he got lucky stealing cash from you
In This life you've gotta struggle to survive
It's the upper classes choice whether you live or die
They're always dropping the dime just reel you in
You're a victim to their systems politicians that are fishing your fins

On the Street, tonight
No money no food
Just alone with this old street light
This lonely road
Leads back to the same old place
I wish I had a home

Working dead end jobs but I know that will be fine
Chasing after dreams once again we fell behind
We're not gonna serve were just trying to get by
The rich are getting rich as we've all been tossed aside
Now it's time to go to sleep and say my prayers
I thank the lord for never being there
But god is dead he has forgotten me
Look what it got me look what it got me

There's a corporate mothafucka buying all these stocks
And a dirty old man begging for some rocks
And were not gonna change the way it has to be
Were scum of the earth as upperclass can see
And thats the way our cards were dealt
The chips are stacked but we fold in doubt
And no matter how much they bring us down
We'll still be here fuckin up their town
As we
All fall down
Down the alleyway
Wel-come home