Run away
In distress
Try to hide
From what's creeping and crawling and stabbing within
To deny
The turmoil inside
If you fight yourself hard enough you'll never win
Any ounce of serenity
Or a calm hope at best
Can leave you heaving on the floor
Gasping for breath
Are you gasping for breath?
To be left on the floor gasping for breath

You're either the person you are
Or the person you're trying to be
Don't let the outside sway
To far from where you
Who you want to be

And at any cruel moments notice
You can ruin the best
As your body is brutally pressed
Against the confines of your tense flesh
And if you
Close your eyes tight enough
None of the bad can get in
And if you close your eyes tight enough
None of the light can get in
The light can't get in

You scream
As the light hits you
It radiates through out your whole soul
The pain
Is clarity
It cleanses, and if it still fucking hurts then you still fucking know
That you are still alive
That you are still in control
If you would only take hold
The day with both hands
A death grip
And a good chance
To outlive your past
Are you living free?