I am the walking dead heartbreaker, my apologies,
I'm happy you'll never understand what
It's like to be trapped under six feet of solid glass,
I can see out, but no one gets in
Screaming at this prison, I've locked myself into,
I'm sorry that I'm still breathing and that I'll
Kill again. But the loneliness is too much for me to handle.
But the taste for fresh blood, pushes me on.
The strength of not forgiving
I told myself the constant pain would ease the tension burning inside
But the nights were cold and the days dragged to weeks,
I will die here alone I will die
The fear of romance
The pain of living
The joy of sorrow
The strength of not forgiving
God help me, I'm so tired,
But in my dreams the wolves eat out my soul
God help me, I'm so frightened,
But in my dreams wolves tear out my heart
I used to be golden, a saint in a time of sorrow,
But then the turning came and I kissed
The sun goodbye, don't you get it,
it's always darker in my eyes, the screams of my brothers
Egging me on.