Slaves under lock in the seventh crusade
This war won't stop, it's of heaven made
Soldiers of the seventh crusade

So many say it's the crusaders fault
The world is upside down
But as you know they only did what they'd been told
Couldn't realize it was forever, on and on

They were knights on the seventh crusade
Blood from a rock
Knights on the seventh crusade
Slaves under lock, this war won't stop

So what is Jesus for the common man?
Muhammad's dear old friend
I wonder what they think abouth these infernal fights
Are we all infected souls of evil?
Yes we are

There is a place on a higher ground
Where angel's play, heavenly sound
Get embraced by the great one's might
We're gonna shine like fire, fire light

This is a time of pure disharmony
And man is killing man
So for a thousand years time has been standing still
I guess this holy war will last forever, on and on

What is left to say?
Are you on your way to the seventh crusade?
Seventh crusade
To the seventh crusade

Seventh crusade
Knights on the seventh
Knights on the seventh crusade