Nail him to the cross
Get him out of my way
'Cause I never want to see him again
But I stand here alone
Guess that nobody cares

Rip off my ears; don't want to hear
Salvation is not for sale

The virgin in black, allied with the preacher
He'll piss on holy ground
He's Pentecostal bound
The virgin in black in bed with the preacher
Sing Hallelujah and see the Devil rise

So grab him by the balls
With the bible in his hand
Seducing the weak and the poor
Getting high while playing tricks with your faith
He's the ultimate date

The sacred bride on a glory ride
Salvation is suicide


"You are the flock; let me be your shepherd
No one can compete with me"

And see the devil rise

[Lead: J. Nordlund]
[Lead: Rustan Essebo]

So rip off my ears; don't want to hear
Salvation's not for sale
The virgin in black


Behold the virgin in black
You can see her in the magazines
From the devil's sperm she came
The virgin in black, watch your back
Sing Hallelujah, you're Pentecostal bound