All this abuse ad nauseam
Injustice is the rule
Serious avenging time
With my retaliating tool
Sufficient ammunition
That can split a man in two
I'll make myself legendary
With what I'm about to do

Stockbrokers and shareholders
Make the exchange collapse
The bastards now in panic
Lose their beloved cash
Persionfunds now emptying
The old will not get paid
I'll shoot all those responsible
A righteous burst of hate

Dirty psycho cockroaches
Ruining your life
Touch your precious children
Abusing your wife
Pedofiles and rapistes
Society's lowest scum
Have this dose of therapy
As I fire my gun

The barrel glowing form the heat
Eradicate these thugs
Useless human garbage
Die in this rain of slugs

Pump their goddamn bowels out
Brainsmear on the wall
Bonsplinters and burning meat
Grind kneecaps and balls

Mismanaging executives
But the cunts don't care
Mass dismissing companies
Leave you fucking there
Fat on a golden bandshake
Blast away their heads
Detonate my extra bonus
Retirement in lead

Every week another tar
Demands behind your door
Working hard for nothing
Can't take it anymore
I'll pay the fucks a visit
Paint the building red
Blow the leeches full of holes
Make sure they stay dead