A different zipcode, a different town
My whole life's turned upside down
I was so gone
Tried to wave through all that guilt
And I walked away but no one still
It was so wrong

And I waited outside
Hoping you would chase me out the door
When it finally hit me
I said just put 'em out waiting for and oh

Wheels turn and miles headed up
And I forgave myself, saying I'd had enough
I wasted so much time
Over what we were gonna be
It's gonna take a while to get back to where I look
A little more like me
But it's all about the journey

A pack of Marlboro's and a coke
I didn't even know I smoke
I guess I'm starting
It makes me smile to think of you
And just how much you disapprove
And I spark one

That time like it's the last of it's kind
To my own to ooooh to
That suits me fine cause
I don't plan on pulling over anytime soon other

Wheels turn and the miles are on my side
Got my sunset on with a rhode in de sunset light
If I've known this and what I'd feel now
I would've never said I was sorry
I'm on my own cause truth been known
You never did deserve me
It's all about the journey
It's all about the journey