Love was getting out of hand
You said your heart was just a rubber band
And you can't stretch it anymore

You crossed your arms across your chest
You hid your body to protest
And dived into the floor

I don't mind if you broke your fall
I broke my heart and broke it all for us

I know you didn't really draw
A circle on a dirty floor
Still I couldn't bear the cross

You stood back up and fixed your hair
You said how can you be here and there?
We have gotta pick a place

And I said baby I don't mean
To take away the things you've seen
But baby let me tell you
I can travel space

You said I'd love to sing this tune
But all of this is all too soon
Boy you'd better teach me how to sing

And you put your arm across the sides
Showing me where God resides
And you dived into the floor again

I put my heart right in between
The floor and all the games you seem to love
I said I'll prove it right I'll prove it wrong
I'll teach you each and every song you're dreaming of

Now let me tell you something true
I love green and I love blue
There ain't nothing I can really do about it

All I know is to walk through and not around it
Back to the song we're singing now