The solitude is silent and complete
I've never felt more alone…
The darkness growing inside of me
Weighs heavy upon my heart

A cool breeze touches my face
Reminding me that I'm still alive
In these waning moments of life
I can feel myself slipping away

My sorrow runs cold and deep
Like the lake which lies before me
Flowing with the endless tears
Of my hollow, desperate soul

I stand forlorn upon the shores
Staring vacantly into the distance
The fog seeps silently across the water
Drawing me in deeper and deeper

My sorrow runs cold and deep
Like the fog which surrounds me
Seeping with the endless grief
Of my bleak, mournful soul

Life - These doleful shades
Pale, dark and grey
Cold – The seasons change
But the sadness never fades
Death - Take me away
Far from all of this pain
Alone – I shall remain
To bask within my misery