The sun peered through the clouds
In an otherwise colourles sky
I looked around and took in the beauty
For I knew this moment was mine...

Now that I am back here again
I feel somehow disappointed
Things don't feel the same
The last time I came this way
I left inspired...

Maybe it was the way the light
cast shadows through the trees
Maybe it was the gleam of the water
as the waves rolled against the shore
Maybe it was the late Autumn breeze
that forewarned the arrival of Winter
Maybe it was the timing of the song
playing gently in my ears

Maybe I'll never feel like that again
for the hope inside me is gone
Maybe I'll live out the rest of my days
longing for the inspiration I felt
Maybe it was only my imagination
and I never really felt anything at all
Maybe it was a second chance
to reignite the spark within me
Maybe it's still there hidden deep
within the shadows of my soul
Maybe I knowingly wasted away
the only chance I ever had
Maybe it was that perfect moment
which I will forever strive to recreate
Maybe it was that perfect moment
which is forever gone