It's time to see the climax
Of the buldgefull souls
Caught in battle
As we all get sucked into
This mess and judge
Blatent savagery seen by blind eyes
Endless fox holes filled to the brim
Taken back into an unconscience state
And pop that beligerent bubble
Prance along that filthy beggar that you are

Now I'm
Eager to displease her

Rise above and blast yourself out of here
Take cover and don't get hit
Nothing will protect you from the air raids
Tonight is your last chance

I will put it where
I will stick it there
For the sake of warm
Deep wounds

So I get my transportation
Dump the investigation
I grab a drink
Enjoying the buldge battle
On the lines
On the snow
Both of them and I
Stuck in one
Eye to eye

Stand before the firing squad
Remove the blindfold and see what's before you
This is the path that we have chosen
Now accept your bitter fate baby
For the sake of the music

Go, step back, take aim, and pull the trigger