I have heard the call from the Ziggourath Abysmal voices from the geometrical non sense Distortion of the Icon, bleeding from the painting We are the Church and you are the priest I remember when they have calledE JEMEN AN KJ Through the desert I have witnessed On the mystical path of Ur Into the sixth sanctuary I have ordealed ths master himself The primeval chaos has been disturbed By the clamor of the younger gods We are worms feeding on Kishar Seven gates that will not be passed Shrines behind the gates of Ur In the silence of the gods Chtonic seed of angles NETHERWORLD Stars on tablets Astral wheel kabal Alone and drugged I fell The sage had the tongue of the serpent And I betrayed my own kind So the underworld itself had a sky Now die Religious infection perverting my veins The name has been called Spiritual renewal of matter Now fall Petra Generatrix Aids spread into the world it self Total contamination Skies Signs visions Waters FOR ONE DIVISION BELONGS TO ALL Divine forces that called upon murder Signs of Kut shiver round my spine Now that I know that they have called And my arms slaughtered the last God