All stars are magnetised into one single god Ancient Kopte unlocked Evanggelion You das, second son of God.Apostle without light Your faith is based on lies God sent me to die Sacrifice Salvation God has ordered to betray Two sacrifices must be done And one must be forgotten I SEE FROM A NEW ANGLE OF THE SUN I SECURE THE AXIS OF DISORDER One sin ordealed one scene ordered One sin revealed one scene condemned He that is far from me is far from the sun He that sees darkness in light is a king He that sees me will see the death of the sun Serve the cadaver of the laste meal Disciples around the dead A teaching of light and darkness Sights of wonders that frighten angels A decree from God to deceive a child Offered to men, the darkening of the sun A gospel enemy of the church The truth behind all doctrines that all refuse Your faith is based on lies His light is forsaken Forty days of seduction His faith is abandonned Three days of salvation Now he rises from the shadows of death Desert my soul and grant me light Divide my soul and show me darkness