I light a candle on the tomb of the departed,
 sacrificed, crucified, on the cross of ignorance.

 In this callous world, chased are the weak,
 therefore they shall be bled within snow.
 Predators running to fulfill a sadistic appetite.
 Driven by lust, the fangs of man shred,
 strifes to pieces.

 I make amend.

 Freedom to break enslavement,
 to wash the shame away from the face of humanity.
 Crucified on the cross of ignorance,
 sacrificed on the Altar of greed.

 I remember the first war
 the way the sky burned
 the faces of angels destroyed.
 I saw a third of Heavens Legion banished
 and the creation of Hell.
 I stood with my brothers
 and watched Lucifer fall.
 But now my brothers are not brothers
 and we have come here where we're immortal
 to steal the dark soul, not yet Lucifers
 to serve our cause.
 I have always obeyed
 but I never thought the war would happen again.