A last act of compassion as this old world disappears
A message to a loved one - a warning to colleagues or peers
Standing perhaps at the end of the bed or floating through your dreams
It's true I will be long departed before you decipher what it means

Let me go now my friend let me go
There are still so many things i would like you to know
There's no pain now my friend there's no pain
Be sure we will meet again

A last act of kindness and decency now as this world disappears
May get lost in a valley of sorrow or drowned in a ocean of tears
A visit like this may be too much for sanity's grasp - the need to deny
But the chance i can feel is too tempting to miss and i know i must try

Time to go now my friend time to be gone
Thanks for being there - being there for so long
I am safe now my friend I am safe
Be sure we'll meet again

This is me signing off
This is me signing out

This is me signing off
This is me signing out

Just when you thought I was gone
And the trick was complete
l return to bring this curtain down
As the audience will rise as one to their feet