If there's one thing I hate
It's that still to this day
I can't shake off all the fools
So-called friends play their games
Weasel into my life
'Cos they have none of their own

But this time you've crossed the line
And you can't talk your way out
I have plans for you my friend
This bitter taste in my mouth
Is something you must sample
Why should this belong to me?

Through these eyes I have seen it all
No more lies, it's your turn to fall
I'll expose what you try to hide
What I know won't stay locked inside

If you want to push me one step further
Let's get this out of the way
'Cos I'm sick to death of this bullshit
That you tell me every day

Go back to the place you came from
I'm not someone who will take this

Now your cover is blown
No turning back, it's way too late
I have found you out
All love lost, my hate remains
Now I understand
You're a cunt who feeds off pain
But it won't be mine
Nothing left but to destroy you

So alone
No-one at your side
End of games for you
After all
You're without a friend in the world