A bygone age comes back to life
As for me, it was present
Oh oh home sick
Your rowing boat comes from afar!
The mirage seems this time reality
Sick of this vastness of whole aridity
Oh these feelings are so strong
As the pain
They drive me far
To where I do belong
Let yourself go
Oh take me home

In my journey I found no one
As far you'd have gone, I'd have gotcha
Like you, you're so true

All those years I searched for the one I knew
Ending crossing to true eternal bliss
I longed for this unhoped for oasis

Oh these feelings are so pure
So strong
They drive me
To where I must belong
You're welcome home
And stay for sure
Oh take me home

Oh it's good to be back home
Frustration goes away
Kittie was lost
And now she has returned
Don't ever go again
To her true home
Oh I'll never quit your wrapping warmth
I hold you strong
Embrace me strong
Never let me go