No, this time it’s over
No more hope for illumination
I should have stayed
On the other side
I should never have left dwarves
I’d longingly burn this parchment
As my body under this firmament

Oh, no ruby, no diamond
Only dry sands
My open sores bleed and
Stain my already clouded mind
I strive to do a quest
That is not mine
Under this heavy sky

Burn ! Burn !
My skin burns no time and lose
To save water and food
Empty horizon
Showing the lack of construction

No more stone for the statue
No more fountain blue
Not allowed is the return
Only exploration, profound

Zenith strikes straight now
The only thing to do is suffer
Until i crack
Until my flesh starts falling off

His back against a rock
To find a shade of cold
Amryl vanished, far away
Without realizing it

Poor amryl
Lost in his thoughts
Poor amryl
Already gone
Out of his corpse
Forever and ever
Alone be disappears

This is paradise, vision divine
And now i know how it ends
Nature rivers never dry up
And the illusion is perfect
Dear saint leader
Horse defender
You brought me there
Blessed you are then thanks
In my paradise i now can die