Lost in a tortured haze of sorrow
The maze of my blind soul
Each way leads to a wall
As hard and dense as stone

Oh we’re not alone
As long as we got goals
Oh I am so alone
Driven by strange forces
I don’t know

Cast in a new coast of the weat
Leaving all behind the rest
Oh tell me who I am
Please I beg
Oh i’ll walk alone
As far as my sorrow
Oh and I’m so alone
Driven by strange forces
I don’t know

Forgotten in a land
Spared by decadence
The gods seem only here
In their silent stones
Strange is a new world
And its lore of legends
So distressing the way
They’re forgotten

A brand new weapon
In my arm in my soul
A gift from a martyr
That lives on and on

But you know when you must go
Called by the unknown
New start with no return
For my past for my future

Strange forest of life
Blurred by the Syl sprites
Haunted by some orcs
Ruled by a white lord

I saved your life my friend
Loyal defender
Our first meet was brief
But in your eyes I see

The future of the world
Surrounded by terror
Will show new actors
Bringing new powers
Forgotten demon’s race
Will spit its venom straight
Down into Ereyn
Which is still on unknown place
Lead me

I feel deep inside
That we’ll fight one day
Side by side