Impenetrable void covered with lies
Chaotic burning inside
It will rise

Trauma sustained grows into contagion
Perniciously, it’s invading

Pale sheath veiling the cavernous eruption
Lacerate, expose this farce
For all to see

Feel the need to spread the seed
Infiltrate infection

Crawling in black corridors lurks the reaper of dignity
Entering the sewer with innocent curiosity
But leaving with the seeds of corruption implanted

Blooming into an exquisite shield
The leather around the neck and the bolts built firmly into the skull
Ripped and stomped apart

So far beyond redemption, I can’t be saved
With vehemence I contaminate and realize fulfillment

Lured into a foul apparatus
Injected was a code for the crux
Soon the need will fill you, to break apart the delicate structures

Watch the circuitry dissolve into a viscous puddle
Exposing the tender meat contained inside
This blood tastes right

Displaced retribution
Pray for my exemption
Immortalize this sickness
Share with you malignancy

How can I shed before it spreads?
How can I triumph over my own tendencies?
To cut through the darkness and reach into the light

So it feeds, slowly
Imploding, deeply
So it seems it has me kneeling
To spread pestilence of the seedling

Wretched seedling
Invading every breath I’m breathing
To birth repellant pudenda

Struggling to fight the onslaught
But sinking into my pit of pathology

Wretched seedling
Invading every breath I’m breathing
So it seems it has me kneeling

Searching for somewhere I can point my finger
No, it’s no one’s fault but my own

Nothing can be done to stop the malevolent cycle
Our fate is sealed

While I fade it will gestate
metastatic growth will draw breath

As I melt, it rears its head
If it lives I will be dead