I've had it with confession
I've had it with the priest
I'm tired of all the doctor's 
And I want to be deceased
I can't control the madness 
And I don't wanna face the day
No artificial numbness
The pain is here to stay

Can you understand 
What it is like to be me
Climb the highest mountain 
And then sink in the sea
Won't you come and take a look 
I give you the chance
Wrap your arms around me 
And we'll do the demon dance

A steady black, it multiplies
Attacking sanity
A psychological battering
A relentless enemy
Things are getting brighter 
And the color's turning red
I'm swallowing this nightmare
The demon shall be fed

I can't hold on much longer
There must be another way
Give me something stronger
Or take my breath away

A deep depressive episode
You know not when it strikes
Is this the one to be all, end all
Is the end of the fight