Freakshow, welcome to this haunted house of horror
Nightmares to begin, just around the corner
Victim, target, I slip inside your mind
You'll never see me creeping up behind

Over and over, the same song and dance
Trying not to fall asleep
Somebody help me, it's creepin' again
And it wants to feed

Hiding in the shadows, moving around in the dark
Waiting like an animal to rip you apart
Panic, try to escape, run, run, open the door
The sandman awaits, scream, as you hit the floor

Parasomnia, am I dreaming?
Parasomnia, wake up screaming
Parasomnia, deadly dreaming
Parasomnia, I wake up screaming

Demon, incubus underneath the bed
You better get up or be dead
Awake, open your eyes and tell me what you see
Let me introduce myself, insanity