I came home in the afternoon, someone kicked in the door
Three little rats, they came back for more
911, they're on the run, instincts kickin' in
I start the chase of human waste, the race begins

No remorse, no respect for what you do
Traumaize, victimize, karma will catch you

Break, enter

Split up, I take two, sprinting down the road
Grab one, throw her in the bushes, rage and explode
One down and one to go, I got him in my sights
I'm gonna get you, punk, I'm gonna make it right

Who do you think you are to break into my place
These are my private things and this is my own space
I'm in shock but I know one thing, I think you better get out now
I think you better run and run real fast, cause you're gonna pay
I'll pay you back for this, here I come

You, I'm talking to you
You wanna cross that line, invade where I dwell
Try again, just one more time, I'll send ya to hell

I got you, taking to the ground, blood on your face
Time's up, police show up, you're such a damn disgrace