And my nerve endings
Coded messages they're sending
Twitch and tingle
Blink and twinkle
Restless as the million stars I've counted
Overhead tonight

My head and stomach
All gravity and magnets
Each contrary, rotating planets
Pulling sleep away

With every hour making minutes
Am I outside my life or in it
And all this music
That's making waves within it
Can I find one song to sing it?

All the words I've strung like beads
All the words that stung like bees to bring it
A little fruit, a hue or two, a sign of something
Or someone that I knew
And this life feels like so many different lives
I'm falling through

Dizzy night
I can't recognise the cycle of the years
The source of all my fear
The source that led me here

Your boys' cologne, your beer
The presence of our fathers ever near
Sacred secrets you whisper in my ear

All this tonight
As you move closer to me
Your light will eclipse and will absorb
The darkness that confounds my foolish all
Place harmony where there has been discord