My father took me to the sacred place when I was a young girl,
I grabbed his hand hard and asked who was controlling this world right now.
Now where is Heaven?

When you were thrown into this world they say you were born insane.
And why?

In the world that gives me nothing,
I need something to believe in.
Fight my loss of faith,
In my guarded cage.

I am broken like an arrow,
I have served for my heaven,
Constantly out in wars we would turn away.
Who should we scream at?
Who should we follow?
Who is my savior?

Who doesn't turn 
His back when in need?

Why do we have to be sacrificed;
Those who care to join our ring in the dark.
Why do we have to live in a bloody world;
Though, with the most fragile, let them fall on me, yeah.

Cause we'll carry on,
My memory will carry on,
My voice will carry on.

My voice will carry on.

If there's nothing but survival,
How can I believe in sin?
This world is bleeding now and you can see its blood.

Open your eyes now,
Open your arms now.
Well you're going to wait,
Because you never can control the world
With your cruel willpower.

Don't ever let your love turn to hate;
If you say i'm loud break these chains off me
That I believe isn't you anymore.
If you say i'm free then keep these chains on me.
What I want is not our freedom,
What I want is us in a simple day.
I don't need this grieving nation forever,
What I need is us,
The peaceful sleep,
So maybe please stop this bloody world right now.

Cause we'll carry on,
My memory will carry on.
Have to see the truth till we carry on;
My voice will carry on.