I'm heading wes bound ont the interstate today never looking back because I can't see anyway and there's no point in going
Where I've been and seeing things I've done & people I've left behind
We fought for the last time & that was last night & I really hope with you it was the last fighe 'cause I don't feel like saying it all
Again I hoped that we'd be friends but now I see that this is the end and we're never going to make ammends
Night time and the cities flash by one by one racing through my mind I think back at the years and all the thinkgs we've been through & all things I should've said to you
Should've done to you & all I can think to say now is FUCK YOU
And I'll be better when I'm far away from home so leave me alone, leave me alone, I'll be better when I'm far away from home
I've got something to say to you
I'm not running away from you
I've just got better things to do than waste my time with you