Sadistic rape release myself
Stream of hot sperm, on her cold brain
Feel the stench of flesh
taste of pale skin
My erected cock, ripps out her guts
Let the lambs of christ
Feel the licking tongue of necrosodomy
Orgy with the dead
Tied up victim's breasts
My shit fills her skull
Sadistic rape of holyness,
Under the funeral moon
Under the golden shower
Found the greatest pleasure
in bestial necrolust
Holyness disemboweled
nazarene your mother is dead
Decapitated body - sacrifice is made
Red soiled shroud - I stand in pools of blood
Harvest emaciated christian souls
By crush all their senses with
whiping blasphemies
Let the bastard son, rot eternally
In false paradise, serpent of the light
Under the wings of everlasting darkness
I walk among the graves to gain
the thrones of hate
Satan I bleed for Thee
to show You my dedication
To drink forever sweet
vomit from Your lips.