Won't somebody stop my mind?
It's crawled away I'm going blind
The rats crawl into my head
I can't forget what I just said
'Coz I'm (inside my brain)
Ya know I'm living baby (inside my brain)
I'm upstairs (inside my brain)
There's a hole in my head
Inside my brain

I see black Christmas trees
Barbed wire, funeral homes
I see your face, forest fires
Rats in the streets gnawing at your bones
'Coz I'm (inside my brain)
I'm looking out yeah (inside my brain)
But there's a hole in my head (inside my brain)
A brand new world there, yeah
Inside my brain brain brain

Welders drilling at my skull
Subtract my life from one to null
Hot cars and crashing sounds
These are the things that I have found
When I'm inside my brain
Uh, inside my brain
Oh, inside my brain

Yeah baby I found a new home
I drilled a hole in my head
I'm looking out, yeah
It's a brand new world