[Angie:] What's this? 
[unfolding of letter]
[Angie & Guy:] Dear Angie 
Guy: I know we've been together a long time boo 
But I'm writing this letter cus 
I really couldn't face you like 
It's kinda ill 
I gotta a lot things going on right now 
And I met somebody too 
So I need a little space ma for real 

This mothafucka told me that he'd love me for life 
He told me he had my back and I would be his fucking wife 
He told me no matter what baby everythings gon be ok 
And now this mothafucka's leaving and he don't think he gon pay 

[Verse 1] 
Think a letta like this gon kill me dude? 
Shit you was lucky I was real wit you 
Shit you was lucky I was feeling you 
Let me tell you what a bitch that's real will do 
I remember all the things that we did in my house 
Should of never left shit in my house 
Get your clothes and your boots and suits nigga get em up out 
You would never know what I'm about 
When I'm in doubt I walk away like it's the in thing 
Follow all my instincts 
The henessey in ya blood got ya strong like ginseing 
Who the hell you think ya pimpin? 
Not me you can go 
I don't care what you leaving me for 
If you stay you'll be deceiving me more 
Let me see what you do when you can't get your feet on the floor 
You didn't think that I would even the score 
Through the heat of it all 
I was there for you 
Cared for you 
But you never gave the love back 
I don't care if you a thug cat 
Ain't no mothafucka ever gon treat me like a rugrat 
It's niggas like you that make a bitch wanna wil' out 
Put a brick through you windshield 
I don't care how your fam or your fake ass friends feel 
Since day one I've always been real 
But you took it for granted damnit 
You got me actin foul 
Think you a playa international? 
Got your bank card know your pin number so I'm cashin now 
On some funny shit look who's laughing now 
I'ma sell all the jewelry you left behind 
Me being deaf, dumb, and blind 
Instead of being two steps ahead I was a step behind 
Thought you never gonna wreck my mind 

[Hook x2] 

[Background Hook] 
I don't care though 
You can go now 
Pack your shit up 
I don't need you 

[Verse 2] 
You messed with my mind was the worse thing you ever did 
I ain't the one for the wedding ring 
Your doing this for your benefit 
You degenerate 
Stab me in the back like a Benidect 
But I blame myself for being blind for the scrub type 
Should've knew from the getgo 
But it's cool I can live I can learn get wise to my life 
It ain't hard for me to let go 
I'm a strong ass woman 
Ain't no way I'm gonna be depressed 
Let a nigga try to wear me down 
Now the rain is gone I can see clearly now 
Where my mentals at you should fear me now 
Look really how 
Did you think I wouldn't pay ya back 
Your a bitch for the way you act 
You want to be in the front while I played the back 
And you think that I'm gonna be ok wit that? 
That's crazy wack 
You ain't never wanna help the team 
Did things that I felt were mean 
But I let it all go 
Never paid it no mind 
Even though you tried to fuck with my self-esteem 
When you dealt with me you had things that you never had 
Niggas knew I was your better half 
Now you got a new bitch 
Pray to God hope she know about me 
And if not I'm gonna tell her ass 
Stella had to get her groove back 
Nigga move back 
Who me I'm just moving on 
Mary J. said the best when said that I'm not gon cry 
Mothafucka thought you'd knew the song 
But I'ma leave it alone 
Cus I'm a bigga bitch 
Even though another chick'll prolly try to get you fast 
Eat shit and die
Keep this in mind 
Mothafucka wish I never would've met your ass 

[Hook until fades out x4]