I need more corruption in my pointless life

Are you into revenge? ‘Coz I got a smoking gun and a deadly itch
Friends in pools of regret, I’m in a murdering mood for a justice binge
I will leave a crater where you used to stand.
Chaos, perfectly kerned, plagiarized to death cynically acclaimed

I’m bred for blood and coin, convenience is my sin of choice
Feeding time for the pigs, honesty and pearls mixed with blood and shit
They love you ‘coz you’re a brand new shiny toy
Fuck droid hydraulic lust, over medicated messy messy boy

Demons in the ink, fury wrapped in paper made from angel skin
Dirty money gets filthy rich every time, pocket full of street candy tin full of crime
I need more corruption in my pointless life
Desperate for god’s wrath, you’re dead to me, and I don’t give a fuck

Train wreck
Death crusade
Burn every leech
I’m Hell Jaded
Train wreck
Cult of hate
Murder the sky for the
War in your head

Poor little victim