Hot young blow up doll, crystal fame’s the drug
I love you to death, in back alley porn
Carnage beautiful, your life is their rug
Single serving skin, x-grade star is born

Bleed like my new bride, keep those flags on fire
I have what you want, addiction is bliss
Project Lucifer, artificial youth
You are not A list, you are Craig’s List

Gentlemen prefer lust
But don’t mention names when you charge their card
She went to play with the devil but never came back
You might be legit, but you still eat dog shit

I like to collect, Pretty Dead Boys
I like to make, Pretty Dead Boys
I like to neglect, Pretty Dead Boys
I’m filling the world with Pretty Dead Boys oh yeah oh yeah
Pretty dead boys oh yeah oh yeah

Turn a fresh boy into a dirty old man
Bored aimless fucking bland