Why did we change so fast
Or did you stay the same
I thought our friendship would last
I thought it was our aim
We used to have a blast
But now we're just so lame
The damage has been done
And now we have become

All that we have is hello

I prayed to God for you
And for myself as well
That he would clear the issue
That he would crack the shell
I think it's up to us two
And that the time will tell
Once we had so much fun
Now look what we've become
We're just

All that's left is hello

This is the saddest story
That I have ever seen
This is yours 'n' my story
At least for the time being
This is the saddest story
Somehow our friendship didn't grow
This is yours 'n' my story
Cause the only thing we're left with is

Hello, hello, say!

I will remember you
Like when we were just kids
The things we used to do
Yes we were just kids
I will remember you
As my loving friend
I will remember